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Personalized Solutions

RLBenson Advisory & Consulting Services

Drawing upon our team’s deep knowledge of the global executive search industry and our recognized expertise in Branding, Search Operations, Research/Knowledge Management, Organizational Change Management and Coaching/Training, RLBenson & Associates offers a wide range of personalized solutions in areas proven critical to business improvement—areas in which performance improvement can be rapidly measured and realized.


Our team leverages the insights identified during our in-depth consultation and SWOT analysis to offer targeted, customized solutions that address your firm’s specific needs.

Addressing Growth Strategies


  • Preserve and enhance existing equities

  • Optimize firm value, reputation and relationships

  • Identify strategic opportunities for practice expansions

  • Provide guidance to enhance firm value


Realizing all the value you’ve worked so hard to create is a complex process, demanding thorough and objective evaluation of each option against your individual goals and circumstances.

Managing Your Brand

  • Define your brand clearly, based upon your competitive advantage and the true value you bring to your clients

  • Better define your target markets to achieve greater success with less wasted effort

  • Build the marketing strategy and plan best suited to your brand

  • Build cost-effective marketing tools and channels


Effective marketing of your brand is key to attracting new client opportunities—and to transforming those opportunities into fee-generating assignments.


Improving Sales Effectiveness

  • Grow and manage a productive network

  • Apply global best practices to improve sales effectiveness

  • Focus on market segments right for your brand

  • Improve your ability to spot and qualify leads

  • Improve presentation and sales techniques for winning the assignment


The first and most important step toward your firm’s future success is to improve your win rate. Find the markets best aligned with your brand and develop best-in-class sales skills to win more of the assignments you pursue.


Optimizing Team Performance


  • Objectively assess team against industry best practices

  • Identify key strengths and weaknesses

  • Evaluate and benchmark performance using the Constituent Survey, a proprietary diagnostic tool

  • Develop professional skills through one-of-a-kind solutions developed by Canaan Ridge

  • Monitor what the competition is doing - emulate their successes and avoid their mistakes


A thorough evaluation of your team is a critical step in driving not only long-term professional growth, but also in realizing immediate performance improvement. Find and hone your strengths and correct your problem areas faster.

Defining Your Future View


  • Define your firm’s vision

  • Develop a strategy for achieving that vision

  • Recognize necessary structural, process and people needs

  • Establish incremental goals and metrics


Your sustained success depends on more than keeping current clients happy. It demands a view of the future that encompasses all the potential within your firm and focuses it on both your short-term and long-term goals.


Managing Succession/Governance And Exit Issues


  • Review and outline options for firm succession

  • Develop and implement governance structures to facilitate succession and/or broadened ownership

  • Explore valuation options in preparation for generational shift

  • Protect firm value through effective ownership and management transition

  • Assist in facilitating change process during ownership migration


To realize the value you have created for your firm over time, identify viable succession and exit options, both traditional and non-traditional. Assess how each option will affect governance and develop the appropriate action plan.


Operational Efficiency


  • Reduce overhead expenses by building a strong team of superior performers who complete assignments more quickly and develop deeper client relationships while winning more new assignments

  • Find the most cost effective ways to perform critical functions

  • Leverage the right technology for you and your brand


Streamlining operations does not just mean cutting costs. A careful review of the allocation of resources will deliver immediate results and help you adopt strategies proven to yield more from your available resources.

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