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Canaan Ridge Center Professional Development

Canaan Ridge offers professional development programs with curricula specifically designed for executive search.


  • Canaan Ridge offers the first professional development model of its kind tailored specifically for the executive search industry. We understand what it takes to become an exceptional search consultant, and we can guide you on that path.

  • Our highly experienced team of industry leaders has drawn upon decades of recognized success in executive search and executive education to develop a unique and innovative spectrum of targeted professional development solutions designed to help those who aspire to the highest levels of effectiveness and excellence.

  • Canaan Ridge sets you apart from other search professionals from the start. Our offerings begin for search consultants with two years or less of experience in an execution and client interface role and are designed to deliver the knowledge and skills you need to accelerate your career and realize your ambitions.

  • And as you progress in your career, we become a trusted partner in your ongoing development. Our approach to assessing and identifying your specific needs allows us to design a comprehensive, customized solution aimed at helping you realize your maximum potential—which will lead to exceptional professional accomplishment, recognition and reward.



  • An exceptional search consultant exhibits both skill and finesse, equally adept in the science and in the art of search.

  • Canaan Ridge offers the first developmental model of its kind tailored specifically to the executive search industry and with the objective of accelerating your career. Taking a holistic approach, our comprehensive model integrates a powerful diagnostic tool and in-depth program content designed to build critical skills throughout your career, as well as impactful coaching/mentoring.

  • Individuals with any number of years of experience will benefit from the Constituent Survey, a proprietary and powerful diagnostic tool critical to assessing and providing insight into your personal developmental needs. The Constituent Survey provides a meaningful understanding of your success as perceived by your key marketplace constituencies.

  • Wide-ranging program content has been developed to address all areas of individual development, at any stage of your career, and can be personalized to target areas for improvement identified in the Constituent Survey.

Personalized Development Programs

  • Flexibility and customization are hallmarks of the Canaan Ridge model. While we do offer public programs, many of the programs we deliver are personalized to individual needs or are delivered as private label programs targeting particular developmental areas for individuals or groups of individuals within a firm.

  • We have developed comprehensive, in-depth program content to cover all areas of individual development, at all stages of your executive search career. Our core programs comprise the Science of Search, the Art of Search, Prospecting and Selling, as well as Personal Branding, and each of these can be customized to address individual issues identified in the Constituent Survey.

  • Coaching/Mentoring affords the opportunity to work one-on-one with a respected industry leader, often with a focus on needs related to personal style. Program content that addresses skills gaps can also be provided individually.

  • We are accustomed to working with clients in multiple geographies and across numerous time zones and adapt to these variables though the use of sophisticated communications technologies and client-centric scheduling.

The Essentials of Executive Search

  • Canaan Ridge, in affiliation with the Association of Executive Search Consultants (AESC), presents The Essentials of Executive Search, the first professional development program of its kind with curricula geared specifically to the executive search industry.

  • If you aspire to become a truly exceptional search consultant and a respected leader in the industry, participating in The Essentials of Executive Search and other professional development programs offered by Canaan Ridge will help guide you on that path.


The Essentials of Executive Search Program Details

  • Developed for search consultants with two years or less of experience in an execution and client interface role, who seek to accelerate their career and are committed to achieving the highest possible levels of professional accomplishment, recognition and reward.

  • Rigorous, comprehensive coursework designed and facilitated by internationally respected search industry and executive education leaders to provide motivated search consultants with the knowledge and instrumental skills necessary to execute retained searches to the highest professional standards.

  • In-depth instruction covers the entire spectrum of the search process—from crafting a compelling position specification to managing the closing process. Specific modules address Becoming an Exceptional Search Consultant; Foundations of a Great Search; The Initial Prospect Approach; Building Your Shortlist; and Managing the Close.

  • Dynamic, interactive participation stresses practical application and enhances the learning process. Personal commitment required from each participant includes attending each session, completing required preparatory work, actively contributing to the sessions, and offering constructive feedback on design and presentation of the Program.

  • Administered as a webinar in one and one-half hour sessions, running for five consecutive Tuesdays, beginning October 2nd and ending October 30th. A maximum of 20 participants from a diverse group of retained executive search firms, representing a range of specialties.

  • The Essentials of Executive Search serves as your introduction to Canaan Ridge, an important partner in your ongoing professional development. Canaan Ridge offers a spectrum of solutions to help you at all stages of your career.

“Distinguishing yourself from competitors is critical to achieving success."


- Bob Benson, Founder, Canaan Ridge

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