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Our Team of Veteran Search Professionals

RLB has proven search firm managers and outstanding marketing and branding experts with the experience and dedication to our chosen profession that yield practical, actionable insights.  We help clarify visions, business objectives and assist search leaders in developing the right strategies to achieve them, and map out the tactical steps needed to bring about change for the better.

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Bob Benson

Bob has over 25 years of domestic and international leadership experience in the executive search industry. He is the Chairman of RLBenson & Associates and Founder of Canaan Ridge, a firm offering the first professional development model of its kind tailored specifically to the executive search industry.  READ MORE

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Isabel Poensgen

Isabel is a psychologist, coach and mentor to C-suite executives with more than 20 years experience. She was a cofounding partner and managing director of Bernotat & Cie., a mentoring company that successfully introduced C-suite mentoring to the German business market.  READ MORE


Tony Vardy

Tony has had a distinguished career in executive search as a global Board-level advisor and search consultant, as a country manager, as well as leadership roles for both regional and global practices.  As part of his career he successfully led the largest merger of two highly visible search practices into a single unified business.  READ MORE

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